The draft was submitted to COS Vice Admiral Mark Mellett for approval, he asked that we include the crest of An Garda Siochana on the Monument. This is now included in the Artist impression showing the North West face of the Monument. COS is continuously supportive in the erection of this IUNVA Monument and will give all assistance required.


The Irish United Nations Veteran’s Association (IUNVA) Monument proposal was first presented to the three largest political parties in February 2012.  IUNVA are now asking for this support to be put into action and approval be granted for a monument to honour Irish peacekeepers and the achievements of the Defence Forces. We consider that this monument could be a positive statement by the Government of their support of the Defence Forces and An Garda Siochana and also provide a way to thank and acknowledge them for the work they have done, and continue to do, on behalf of us all.

The Proposed IUNVA Peace Monument is envisioned as honouring the courageous and selfless service of Irish men and women of the Defence Forces and An Garda Siochana whilst serving on United Nations mandated peacekeeping missions continually since 1958. Ireland is recognised as having achieved a hard earned, much envied and justified reputation as highly successful participants in UN-led and UN-authorised Missions. The purpose of the monument would be to celebrate and acknowledge the past exemplary achievements and continuous service of members of the Defence Forces and An Garda Siochana on Peacekeeping duties worldwide and their daily responsibility to maintain an environment of stability and peace for all the citizens of Ireland.


The preferred location of this monument is in the grounds of the National Museum, Collins Barracks, Dublin due to its connection to the Defence Forces and also as the location of a state body with responsibility to display examples of our Arts and Heritage. UN Peacekeeping is part of our heritage and the location would also provide the public with a visual reminder of the role Ireland has played in UN peacekeeping and the importance of our Defence Forces. Attached are Artist’s Impressions showing what the IUNVA proposed Monument would look like and details of suggested inscriptions.


The IUNVA proposal for the design of the monument is a 10 meters high Obelisk made of Stradbally blue / grey sandstone. The height is required in order that the passengers seated on the Luas trams or travelling on the road can see the top of the monument.

On top will be fitted a UN Blue Helmet of blown glass material on a stainless steel base, internally lit and floodlit between dusk and dawn and will also contain the emblems of the UN,  Defence Forces and Garda. on the north facing sides of the monument the word PEACE will be written in the 80 languages used by the United Nations. The monument’s location will also display the Flags/Banners of our military and Garda units such as Aircorp, Navy, UN, Irish Tricolour, EU, Army and Garda. The IUNVA Peace Monument will be a visual example of our heritage and the history of Ireland’s global peacekeeping. The prominence and visual aspect of the location will help spread the ideal of peace worldwide by the thousands of tourists who view the Monument to Honour Peacekeepers.

IUNVA has had discussions with the Director of the National Museum and have got an indication that if the Government approved the project, then the Museum would approve the project if it did not interfere with future development plans for the Museum.


This case has now been sent to the Government seeking their approval.