29th June to the 3rd July 2021

As you are aware 2021 marks the 60th Anniversary of the Jadotville Siege and the 70th Anniversary of ONE.  The Siege of Jadotville, made famous by a Netflix film, occurred in September 1961 when a contingent of Irish troops came under attack by Katangese forces during a peacekeeping mission in the town of Jadotville in the Congo. Irish soldiers withstood the attack for 5 days but were ultimately taken captive after running out of water and ammunition. They were subsequently kept hostage for 34 days before finally being released.

Set over 5 days (29th June to 3rd July) to reflect on the 5 days Irish soldiers fought and resisted the Katangese forces, the Jadotville Challenge aims to raise funds for ONE’s homeless services and to honour the bravery the Jadotville Tigers displayed during the siege.

With a simulated start in Athlone, the volunteers in the Virtual Challenge will complete a total distance of 24,000km which represents a round trip from Athlone to Jadotville. Awards and prizes are also given to participants at the end of the 5 day challenge.

We would be obliged if you can encourage IUNVA members, their families, neighbours and friends to register for the Challenge.  Members can walk, run, swim or cycle any distance within their capability in a location of their choosing. All your contributions, small and large, will contribute to completing the Challenge and raise funds for our great organisation.

Registration is now open and participants can register at www.jadotvillechallenge.com.


Yours sincerely


Ollie O’Connor

Chief Executive Officer

Óglaigh Náisiúnta na hÉireann