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Wayne Fitzgerald Wayne Fitzgerald
Hello Wayne,
I hope all is well with you?
May I please ask for a few minutes of your time?

I am looking for your support in researching the experiences and challenges that ex-members of the Irish Defence Forces, like us, have had as they hang up their uniform and move back into civilian life.
I am keen to get a sense from all ranks who have made this transition in the hope of developing a much-improved pathway and support for future exiting members. To do this, I need your help, please.

May I kindly ask you to complete the following anonymous survey, recounting your transition from the Defence Forces?
Your experiences, both for good and for bad, will be invaluable to this research. The survey can be found at the following link:

I would also please ask you to forward this link to other ex-Defence Forces members in your network, of all ranks, in the hope that they too can help contribute to the development of this often neglected phase of a soldiers career.
I am currently at 970 respondents and it would be brilliant to hit 1,000.

I very much appreciate your support and time; thank you.

Stay safe.
Andy Burke

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