Irish United Nations Veterans Association
President General Vincent Savino
Dear Paul,
On behalf of the members of Irish United Nations Veterans Association, I would like to extend our
appreciation for the successful campaign that yourself, Robbie Masterson, Andrew O’Shaughnessy,
Phil Brennan, Pat Keane and our American Legion friend John Shanahan undertook to seek justice
for the families of Derek Smallhorne, Thomas Barrett and John O’Mahony.This has been an ongoing battle for the families for 40 years and now finally because of your
endeavours, they may have some closure.
I remember back to 2014 when the IUNVA Chairman invited you to the IUNVA National Conference
in the Spa Hotel, you and Robbie addressed the delegation, outlining your goals and what you hoped
to achieve and how.
You shared your mission statement with us and from the content of it, we were assured that this
was not going to be anything other than a disciplined campaign with a clear aim to have the
perpetrator of the crimes against our comrades brought to justice.
Your silent vigils were planned with best Defence Forces practices and the ceremonial elements of
them were of the highest standards. I also acknowledge the many hours the committee have spent
away from their families while researching, meeting and lobbying.
Irish United Nations Veterans Association were happy to play a small part and be associated with the
campaign and now with the result of Monday 21st December 2020, we would like to congratulate
and thank you for never forgetting our comrades, Derek, Tom and John O’Mahony.
Sincerest regards
Jim Casey
National Chairman
Irish United Nations Veterans Association