Dear all,

I brought below to the forefront  Organised indoor gatherings “ to make all aware that all Posts remain closed and  to include any meeting at National or Post level insurance will not cover these gatherings.  IUNVA will not cover any member with association dress unless they seek approval from the National Executive .

If you wish to hold a meeting the National Executive considers this to be held at your own risk. In this current climate your support at Post level to Post fee’s have now become more essential than ever.

If a member has not paid  Fees over the past two years and you feel he is an asset to your Post make contact with him to ask were we are going wrong or were we can improve on areas that he feels we are lacking in, communication is more benevolent than ever to members of our association 

Organised indoor gatherings

These are controlled environments with a named event organiser, owner or manager. For example: business, training events, conferences, events in theatres and cinemas or other arts events (excluding sport).No organised indoor gatherings should take place.

Exception: Cinema’s may open with protective measures.,

The exceptions for the Christmas period are designed to support people to have a meaningful Christmas, albeit different to other years.  The main objective is to stay safe and keep the Covid numbers down so that we can maintain the lowest possible level of restrictions into the New Year. Guidance and advice will be available on, supported by communications campaigns. People are advised to plan their activities in advance, to limit their contacts throughout this period, to keep celebrations small, that outdoors is safer than indoors and to ensure good ventilation if indoors with other people.

The measures are as follows:

From 1st December, under Level 3, as set out in the Plan for Living with COVID:

  • Weddings with up to 25 guests are permitted (same as current provisions).
  • Funerals with up to 25 mourners are permitted (same as current provisions).
  • No organised indoor events should take place, other than as provided below.
  • Gatherings of 15 people may take place outdoors.
  • Non-contact training may take place outdoors in pods of 15.
  • Only individual training should take place indoors and no exercise or dance classes are permitted.
  • No matches/events may take place except professional and elite sports, approved inter-county Gaelic games, horse-racing and approved equestrian events, all behind closed doors.
  • Gyms, leisure centres and swimming pools may reopen for individual training only.
  • Nightclubs, discos and casinos should remain closed.
  • Hotels, guesthouses, B&Bs may open with services limited to residents only.
  • Non-essential retail and personal services may reopen.
  • People should continue to work from home unless absolutely necessary to attend in person.
  • Public transport capacity is limited to 50%

 From 1st December:

  • Households should not mix with any other households outside those within their bubble;
  • People should stay within their county apart from work, education and other essential purposes;

 From 4th December:

  • Restaurants and pubs operating as restaurants (serving a substantial meal) may reopen for indoor dining with additional restrictions, (including requirement for meals to be prepared on site, inside the premises). This includes access for non-residents to restaurants in hotels.
  • Higher, further and adult education should remain primarily online

  Adjustments for the Christmas Period

  From 1st December:

  • Places of worship to reopen for services with restrictive measures, subject to review in January
  • Museums, galleries, and libraries to reopen
  • Cinemas to reopen
  • Wet pubs to remain closed except for takeaway/delivery

  From 18th December to 6th January:

  • Households can mix with up to two other households
  • Travel outside your county to be permitted

From the 7th of January, the measures put in place prior to the 18th of December will apply, subject to ongoing review of the trajectory of the virus.

The measures for cross-border travel will be the same as for travel between all other counties, i.e. from 1st December, people should stay within their county apart from work, education and other essential purposes while from 18th December to 6th January, travel outside the county is permitted. 

Kind regards
Derek Judge
National Secretary